How it works:

  • Start by downloading and printing a passport to take to each participating shop.

  • Begin your journey at any of the participating shops​

  • The event is FREE, there is no charge for your passport or block kits

  • Each shop you visit will give you their block pattern and fabric kit FREE.  Collect 11 FREE quilt block kits by visiting each shop!

  • Visit all 11 participating stores and receive the 12th block pattern FREE

  • Receive a stamp on your shop hop passport when you visit a shop

  • See how each shop uses the shop hop collector blocks in their store designed quilt

  • Visit all of the participating shops and be entered into our draw for a chance to win one of the prizes!

        Grand Prize - $1100 Shopping Spree...$100 at each store
​        2nd Prize - $660 Shopping Spree...$60 at each store
        3rd Prize - $440 Shopping Spree...$40 at each store

  • Don't forget to leave your passport ballot at the last shop you visit to be entered into the draws.  Passport ballots must be submitted at a participating shop by 5pm July 31, 2023 to enter the draws.